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New service

  • This service includes snow removal at the bottom of the driveway only
  • The same rules and number of visits apply to this contract but drivers will only clear the left over city plow rails at the bottom of the driveway
  • Your snow markers will have an added relective tape to differentiate your service


Driveway size

  • Single driveway: one car wide at street entrance
  • Double driveway: two cars wide at street entrance
  • Oversized or mutiple entrances driveway: driveway is wider than two cars at street entrance or you have multiple driveways (please contact us directly for a quote through our contact page)


Residential snow removal

  • The online store is for new customers only. Returning cutsomers will receive a renewal email with the same online discount applied.
  • Please pick honest driveway size, and complete online purchase
  • Your driveway will be geolocated by a staff member when pickets are installed to ensure great quality service.
  • Automated text messages or phone calls will be sent prior to our last passage during a snowfall. Please enter appropriate coordinates at checkout.
  • Please contact us for "Out of Stock" items

Snow Bank Removal (only)

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